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Sound Healing

Sound healing can induce a phenomenon known as entrainment. The soothing frequencies emitted in a sound-healing session provide a stable pattern for our brainwaves to mimic, flattening stressful fluctuations. Essentially, the brain falls in sync with the sound frequency.


Immerse yourself in the healing sounds that bring relaxation and restoration to renew mind, body and spirit.  Sound baths are a type of inactive meditation, where the instrument's vibrations “bathe” away the noise and the stresses of everyday life to      re-calibrate the body on a cellular level. The use of sound, as a form of healing, dates back to ancient cultures.


Experience the calming vibrations and pure frequencies of The 7 Rose Quartz Crystal Sound Bowls, the multi-dimensional Symphonic Gong, and a variety of other healing instruments. This sound immersion opens a portal to the soul, allowing us to connect with our innate inner wisdom offering profound introspection.

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