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Reiki In-Person or Distance

30 Minutes = $ 50 USD

60 Minutes = $ 95 USD

*Three 1 hour Sessions = $280 USD
*(scheduled/booked within 8 
weeks of initial session)

Full Spectrum Energy Medicine In-Person or Distance

30 Minutes = $  50 USD

60 Minutes = $  95 USD

Mystical Gong Vibrations; Soul's Sound Healing

45 Minutes = $  72 USD

60 Minutes = $  95 USD

Private & Semi-Private (Ask about groups of 3 or more)

All sessions may include any or all of the following as complimentary:

Crystal Energies, Mystical Gong Vibrations and/or other instruments,

Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Clearing Herbs, Oracle Card Pulls/Readings

Distance Reiki and Full Spectrum EM are high vibrational energy sources that are able to be transmitted from a distance. Much like the way we can love someone miles and miles away, we can feel their energy and they can feel ours even if we're not actually in their physical presence.

According to Einstein, space-time is warped by matter and energy, but quantum physics says matter and energy exist in multiple states simultaneously — they can be both here and over there. This is Reiki and Full Spectrum EM;  transcending time
and space.  Like in-person transmissions, the benefits are many and vary from person to person.

Just like an in-person session, you’ll want to be resting in a comfortable position (i.e in bed or on a sofa). We'll begin with a brief conversation, over video call or over the phone, to discuss particular issues, areas of focus (i.e. what you would like to address, whether it’s from the past, present or future). After that, you will be asked to turn off your computer or mobile devices for the duration of the session and find comfort and coziness where you are. Alternatively, you may sit upright so long as you are comfortable. I'll request that you provide a recent photo of yourself so we can stay connected to your energy field and focus the healing on you.



On the Horizon:

Usui Reiki Levels I, II & III Attunements

Small group transmissions in-person / Rate varies per level

Level I Attunement  June 2023

Level II Attunement July 2023

Level III Master Attunement August 2023 

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Consultations

Custom-blends with organic essential and carrier oils for diffusing, 
diluted and as inhalers

Little Star Yoga & Healing Podcast

Downloadable guided meditations, Yoga Nidra and Mystical Gong Vibrations; Soul's Sound Healing


Gifts of Gratitude

Free Downloadable Meditation & Inspiration Cards

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