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Change the focus of the eye.
When you have done that,
then the end of the world, as you formerly knew it, will have
occurred and you will experience the radiance of the divine
presence everywhere,
here and now.  
~J Campbell



Home Page

My goal is to fill the gaps in your healing journey with tools
and techniques that provide support along your healing process,
by restoring balance to all levels of being; body, mind and soul...
in turn making the journey of life more gratifying.

Yoga found me in 2005. Quickly, I realized that there was healing power in movement, breath, mantra, meditation and sound the very first time on my yoga mat. I sensed a deep knowing, an earthly resonance, that these were to be the primary methods that would support my healing journey. For nearly 20 years, I have practiced many styles of yoga and have deeply connected with several including Hatha, Kundalini and Restorative.


Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen,
that stillness becomes a radiance. ~Morgan Freeman

Special Offerings

Healing Hands.jpg

Reiki and Full Spectrum Energy Medicine

Reiki and Full Spectrum
Energy Medicine

Reiki and Full Spectrum EM are safe, gentle, hands-on healing modalities. They are amazingly effective on many kinds of physical, emotional issues and illnesses. Both replenish life force energy, helping to maintain a balanced and a more stress-less experience of life. Reiki and Full Spectrum EM sessions are available by appointment.

Gypsy Gong.jpg

Mystical Gong Vibrations


Known as one of human’s oldest therapeutic instruments, the Gong is an ancient tool for healing and transformation. I'll hold an energetic healing space for you and your participants. Reserve blocks of time for sound healing, during savasana, or incorporate a sound healing into a workshop, retreat, corporate or private event.

Solar Infusion2.jpg

Flower Essences 

Flower essences are a botanically based therapeutic approach that has been utilized since the beginning of time. Evidence reveals that flower essences were gathered by ancient civilizations, believing and experiencing the restorative virtues of the morning dew that appeared on the blossoms. The dew is collected and prepared as an holistic 'remedy'.

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